Medical and fertility Astrology

Medical astrology is a unique approach that combines the principles of traditional astrology with insights into your health and well-being. In a consultation, We will analyze your birth chart, which is a personalized map of the positions of celestial bodies at the time of your birth. By examining the specific placements of planets and other astrological factors, We aim to provide insights into potential health tendencies, strengths, and areas that may need attention.


Fertility and how we assess it in the chart .

When it comes to fertility astrology, the position of the progressed Moon can be interpreted to indicate phases of emotional and physical readiness for conception and pregnancy. 

Fertility readiness: 

Your chart will reflect your emotional receptivity to start a family and could indicate any subconscious fears we have blocking us from being ready. When the progressed Moon is in a water sign ( Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces) you are more inclined towards nurturing and thus fertility.

Fertile periods: 

Certain phases of the Moon are more fertile than others. The more light the Moon phase has the more fertile it is. The first quarter growing to the last quarter has the most light. Water and earth moon are also considered fertile and more favorable for conception.

Timing of conception: 

The progressed Moon can also make favorable aspects (trines and sextiles) to planets (Venus and Jupiter) and houses (5th and 11th for IVF) therefore you can plan accordingly for that extra bit of planetary assistance.

Emotional support: 

The Progressed Moon can also give you insight into what you may be experiencing and how you can get help and support while going through life’s challenges. 

Astrology is a beautiful guide that we receive when we are born and learning what influences your chart just gives you the ability to plan and time during beneficial periods rather than struggling against the tide .

Having the exact time of birth is most beneficial for these charts and timing, although we can get an accurate idea of where your progressed Moon is and its phase without one.

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