The ultimate Venus in Leo journey

Join me for a unique journey as Venus in Leo goes through her retrograde cycle.

From the 5th of June to the 10th of October Venus will be exploring all things Leo.

Now beyond fabulous hair it will be a time where we can learn all about what it is that makes us shine and what dulls our bling. 

Venus will be going over some specific stories a few times during her time in Leo. 

She will address

  • A square to Jupiter in Taurus – learning how and when to say NO when things make you uncomfortable or are not financially suitable for you.
  • A trine to Chiron in Aries – How can we heal and be gentle yet shine bright and be a leader.
  • A square to Uranus in Taurus – learn how to take the tension and turn it into a step to move beyond our own limitations.
  • An opposition to Hygeia in Aquarius – Where are we sacrificing our own well being for the good of everyone else.

A live each Monday at 6:30pm.

Each week we look at the upcoming transit and apply them to what it is we are individually going through.

From the first shadow through the retrograde and then the direct to exiting the second shadow it will be a journey of self discovery.

Level 1 includes a live call Monday night where we discuss the week ahead and what Venus is working on that week. If you can’t attend live its all delivered to your inbox.

Level 2 includes all of level 1 plus a separate accountability class and a look at your personal chart for a deeper perspective on what you’re working through.

There is an option for the duration of the package to get a discounted reading focused on YOUR Venus story and how it will play out for you over the 16 weeks, This will help you identify what it is Venus is trying to heal and change.

I will be doing a deep dive into all things Venus and her many archetypes and faces because we are all so unique and come from so many different backgrounds. 

All of this is delivered to your inbox weekly.

Venus is our Queen
Straighten your crown ladies