Week ahead Astrology

20th – 26th November


Monday 20th

Your emotional life and health practices are needing a disciplined approach and start being responsible for your well being by breaking old patterns with new behaviors. A great time to see why you need to change your ways and spend your effort in a worthier place. Acting with your best at heart will help you use this energy wisely.


Tuesday 21st

Today is a great day to move beyond something that once would have held you back. Go into yourself to find the power you need, whether it’s to forgive and forget or to be more determined than ever to do life your way. Its self realisation that holds the key to your success. 


Wednesday 22nd

Be flexible today because who knows where you’ll end up if you refuse to go with the flow, likely tumbling through the rapids because you couldn’t see getting help (aka floating device or advice) was a sensible option.


Thursday 23rd

Feel like you’re watching the world burn in front of you? The beginning of an ending?

Maybe this is the fires of inspiration spurring you on, pushing harder than you thought you’d be able to handle. But really you’ve been through worse and risen from the ashes before. Put on your best suit and face the room like a boss. 


Friday 24th 

Does it feel like you’re trying to push forward with the brakes on?

Haven’t you done this before? Have you stopped to check in with yourself? Feel a repeat pattern reamerging. Stop, adjust and do whatever it is that you need to do to break your restraints and once you’re clear and sure, Try again


Saturday 25th 

Any irritation this morning may be tempered by the patience of the Taurus Moon and the discipline of Saturn and as the day grows a new understanding may grow as the Moon joins Jupiter tonight. A new energy is in the air, make all the adjustments you need to put you in a better frame of mind.


Sunday 26th 

Patience is required so that change can unfold naturally. It may be you need to find that inner pillar of strength so you can see that obstacles are just bonus lessons placed in your way and possibly look for the place within where you really do trust that things will be ok one day.

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