What is Astrology?


Astrology is basically a map of the planetary influences in your life.

By looking at this map, you can gain valuable insight into who you are, discover deeper aspects of yourself, uncover strengths and see the patterns that weave throughout your life.

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What my clients think


She is so insightful, has amazing intuition and combine that with her Astrological skills and coaching, she is a power house. Whenever I need a little guidance or am feeling overwhelmed she quickly puts me back on track.

Katie Lowndes


Bridget is is truly uniquely gifted. She has an incredible mind, natural intuition & special spirit. Her knowledgeable of astrology is deep & her unique capability of fusing astrology & wellness coaching is an absolute gift.

I highly recommend her unique services to everyone.

Aylin Darjani.

Mentor and Coach

I have grown so much and so fast in the past year and I would like to credit a lot of my transformation to Bridget. Without her guidance – I don’t think that I would have the courage and confidence to be me! 

Annie Dieu

Denver, Colorado

Bridget Avgoustakis

Astrological  wellness coaching

I have over 20 years of experience in Astrology but it has truly been my lifelong passion.

My personal quest for self development has lead me to study wellness and its many faces and what the human body needs from a scientific and spiritual perspective.

The quest for betterment is a human experience, Everyone in some way wants to be better, believing you can is where people differ.


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