So often I see and hear people dealing with self doubt and imposter syndrome and 99% of the time it’s totally unfounded. There are a number of ways we can develop this trait, and plenty of ways we can deal with it.

Where does it come from?

  • I believe it’s mainly from our childhood environment and the beliefs we’re given from our caregivers (no fault to them as they probably didn’t know either) There are plenty of resources you can find on this topic, Nicole LePera is a favourite of mine and John Bradshaw is a OG on this topic. 

  • It could just be we have had a fail early in our life experience that just wounded us so subconsciously that it steers our life direction out of fear of being hurt or failing again. Egos have a way of taking over when left unchecked.

  • It could even be the social standards that we are brainwashed with via social media or targeted advertising. The

Yeah ok !! Now what ??

Well when it comes to family patterns and long held ancestral beliefs then it’s a matter of observation, understanding, forgiveness and doing the work necessary to alter the beliefs that are holding you back. We are now in an age where we can see that childhood experiences have shaped us to become the adults we are now. No longer does the statement “That’s how it’s always been done and I’m ok” stand, we know how much we can break a spirit just as its beginning to blossom. 

Paying attention to when fear rears its head can also give us glimpses into where we may have had experiences that caused shame at failing something, or we messed up because of inexperience. Going back to these events and forgiving our younger selves or rationalising as the older wiser person we are now can help us identify and move through limiting beliefs. 

And finally challenging the narrative we have been fed via advertising and broken social norms. It makes me sad to see the absolute shit young children are fed now about what they should aspire to be in life, but I’m also warmed to see the backlash against damaging body standards for both men and women and the ridiculous things we are being sold as a ‘fix’ to problems that really aren’t problems but a way to sell products.

You really are fine as you are.

I hope this has given you an insight into where these thoughts may have come from and the fact that you don’t have to pay attention to them. (meaning don’t let them hold you back).

Pay attention to your fears and respect that they may have once kept you safe, but as an adult that knows your worth, you no longer need to give negative thoughts and doubts any power.

Stand in your own field, claim your superpower and be the one of a kind person you are.

Much love