Going into a new year what are some things you can focus on for real change

  • Financial
  • Social
  • Physical 
  • Spiritual
  • Occupational
  • Emotional
  • Environmental
  • Knowledge 


Without the filter of negative money mindset and other people’s beliefs 

Were you comfortable? 

Are you satisfied or are you struggling?

Can 2023 be a time where you educate yourself or get assistance so you can finally be ok with money and knowing your worth. 


Did you have a year where you felt isolated or did you know you could reach out and find someone when you needed them?

Do you want 2023 to look better ? 

If so, what does a year where you’re happy and feel loved look like?


This year, this is my priority as I have been changing and not paying enough attention to the consequences of this new phase of life.

Are you comfortable in your skin?

Do you have a health issue you have been ignoring hoping it will go away?

Are you treating your body with the respect it deserves?

It’s the only one you have in this lifetime 

It deserves your respect, 2023 can bring huge but simple changes 


So much room for growth here 

And it all starts in your head 

What are your beliefs and are they your own?

Astrology can show you so much here and there are no limits as to where you can go when you know how to live a spiritual life.  


What does this look like for you?

  • Are you working for someone else?
  • Retired?
  • Self employed?
  • Are you living with purpose and joy?

I hope 2023 finds you satisfied in this area. 

And if it’s not then I hope you retrain, learn new skills, find a mentor or just take small steps often to where you want to end up. 


How did you support yourself this year?

Are you becoming aware of patterns that you have that are overly critical ?

The first Full Moon of the year is in Cancer, Time for self nurturing and giving yourself a big ol hug …Everyday for ever and ever.


How are your living arrangements?

It’s a fundamental need for humans to feel safe and secure.

Are there things that need changing in this area ?

I know it’s a hard one to control but have faith the right thing will come if housing is an issue for you



This is my favourite 

Spend time going back over what you have learned and I mean information and personal development. It’s always good to reinforce learning a couple times before it becomes what you know.

Where do you go in 2023 

Any follow-on courses to do?

Any interests you want to investigate further?

Able to level up in something by doing a simple course ?

Then do it !!!

It’s always a great time to learn more (Says the Sagittarius Moon Woman)

If you have any questions or would like some Astrological mentoring or guidance then feel free to enquire 

Stay tuned for my course early in 2023 on Getting to know your chart and change your life by just being who you really are.

Love Bxx